Society of Diabetic Nephropathy Prevention

 Society of Diabetic Nephropathy Prevention (SDNP) (http://www.sdiabeticnephropathy.com/) is a non-governmental organization (NJO) dedicated, to research projects in the field of renal pathology/nephrology and diabetic kidney disease, especially in the field of renal protection. The main aim of this NJO is searching for novel ways to protect, the kidney in diabetic population. SDNP has also another journal named, “Journal of Nephropharmacology “mostly in its field of research aims.

Main office address: Department of Nephrology, Nour Medical, Educational and Therapeutic Center. Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Isfahan, Iran.

Post Box: 81655-963,  Tel: +98 313 669 2609  Fax: +98 313 669 2517,  Cell phone: +98 913 382 0680, SMS: +98 912 143 9584.  Email: hamidnasri@yahoo.com
Our Mission: To prevent and treat diabetic kidney disease